2. Quick little poster for Gideon Conn

  6. Science character tryout

  7. A little accidental poster from a project I’m working on

  8. A WIP shot of a large illustration I’ve been working on

  9. a3 test piece for large scale drawing to be made into an app!

    (rubbish photo as too big to scan)

  10. WIP project on string theory
    Donut or eye

  11. Sketch’nz

  12. 3 hour warm up for my return to University.
    I missed you wacom <3

  13. Commandments 4 and 5 from my series of Rumspringa Rules


  14. attherootofthematter said: Your work and philosophy is inspiring.

    Wow thank you that’s so flattering

  15. 1 of 10 images based on Rumspringa and the 10 Commandments.

    This illustration is based on the first commandment and the shunning or leaving of the church.
    The composition is meant to mimic the number 1